Meniere’s Disease Related to Improper Spinal Alignment

Meniere’s Disease Related to Improper Spinal Alignment

Most people have heard of Meniere’s disease, but some may not know exactly what it is. It involves the inner ear and is known for vertigo (a spinning feeling) and a ringing noise in the ears. Vertigo can arise suddenly with no warning and last for over an hour. Other symptoms of Meniere’s include a feeling of fullness, hearing loss, nausea, sweating, and looking pale. Usually, only one ear is affected. Approximately 615,000 people suffer from Meniere’s in America, showing up most often at ages 20-50.

Seeking help from a medical doctor will generally result in medication geared toward relieving the symptoms of the condition. For example, a person may be given anti-nausea or motion sickness medication to help them cope. It is important to realize, however, that while these medications may help, Meniere’s will not go away or get any better until the underlying cause is addressed and corrected.

A Possible Root Cause for Meniere’s Disease

It may be hard for some to see how the upper neck and spine can be related to a condition of the inner ear. However, the atlas (C1) and axis (C2) vertebrae are located in the same area where the brainstem meets with the spinal cord. This is the communication superhighway of the body. Signals sent from the brain and body move through this area constantly and help the body to function at its optimum. If a misalignment occurs in either of these bones, it can put pressure or stress on the brainstem and hinder the signals being sent. This often leads to such serious health problems as Meniere’s disease.

By using a gentle technique that allows the bones of the neck to move back into place naturally this misalignment can be easily corrected. Once the bones are realigned, many patients report feeling better overall, and often the symptoms of Meniere’s go away entirely. This has also been demonstrated through case studies.

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